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The Texan Cowboy Nathan J. Morissey

The Texan Cowboy

Nathan J. Morissey

Kindle Edition
10 pages
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 About the Book 

In the hot, sultry heat of Texas is a brothel that specializes in the taking of the virginities of young gay men. When Ethan meets the hunky male cowboy gigolo, Jesse, he is swept away in a torrent of homosexual passion and pleasure. Come see what Ethan’s first time is like, at a place called DeVirgin Ranch.Please note that this story contains explicit homoerotic and sexual content. Mature readers only. Reader discretion is advised.This work of fiction is the product of the author’s imagination. Any similarities to real life characters, places and events are unintended and purely coincidental.Please further note that all characters depicted are of legal adult age.Word Count: 3500 Words