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Taekwon Tales Richard Bost

Taekwon Tales

Richard Bost

Published March 1st 2012
ISBN : 9780984862610
120 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Fifth grade is a disaster for Maddie Espinoza. The Triple Ts-- Tamara, Tracey, and Teresa-- have banded together against her. Theyre bullying her in class, on the playground, and even on the internet. The rest of class 505 thinks its hilarious, and their teacher, Ms. Garcia, is too distracted to notice. Maddie has gotten in big trouble already, and lives in constant fear that her mother will be called into school. Mama is working two jobs, doesnt speak much English, and the last thing Maddie wants to do is add to her troubles. Even worse, Maddies energetic little brother, Max, is getting worried, and the last thing Maddie wants to do is involve him. Her friends Fatou and Yan are supportive, but seem powerless to help. Fatou just came to the U.S. from Senegal and Yan is a newcomer from China, so their biggest battle is learning English. And just recently, Maddies best friend Yoo Jin has moved back to South Korea, so Maddie feels more alone than ever. But when the mysterious Master Im comes to Public School 625 to teach Taekwondo, things start to look a little different. Maddie discovers how the Foot Fist art could change everything...