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Juliannes Song Kit Bakker

Juliannes Song

Kit Bakker

Published January 1st 1990
ISBN : 9780373703876
297 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Where your heart is lies your treasure...Home. To professional storyteller Julianne Blanchet, home was south Mississippi- Gulf breezes so thick with heat they stole your breath away- live oaks draped with Spanish moss standing sentinel for a culture born of tragedy, nurtured by adversity.And yet for every Cajun, home was also Acadia. To Julianne, coming to Nova Scotia, the land of her ancestors, meant far more than the search for a lost family fortune. It meant meeting Ian, the compelling man her heart had always longed for.Suddenly she knew she would never feel at home again without him. And yet loving him exacted a price impossible to pay...